School of Extreme-vocal FryDay offers to try your first lesson for free!


FryDay school is awesome!
Do you want to be a vocalist, sound powerful and beautiful and not like a dying rooster? Maybe you can't talk at all after each rehearsal? Do not despond if your answer is "yes"! Just make book our lesson! We will turn you into Satan, open your potential, wake up the desire to develop, and most importantly – we'll teach you how to sing awesome!
And also we have profitable prices compared to other schools ;)

Why we?
A team of competent teachers, who have a great experience of live performances, studio work and a bunch of students happy with their results, will find an individual approach and bring you to the next level. You will study extreme vocals from A to Z, during the whole training course, every day you'll be able to receive recommendations and feedback from the teacher. We do not abandon our people, we are the family!

Classes are conducted through online services (WebEx, Skype, VK, WhatsApp and many others), which means that we are able to provide a convenient and flexible schedule. Brew yourself a tea and let's go!

And most importantly, we have profitable prices compared to other schools.

But most importantly...
You will join
so you'll get:
Tons of useful information to achieve your goals
Extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, exercises - gigabytes of very useful information. You are our friend, which means that communication with the teacher will be free, which will help you open up to 100%. Classes can last more than an hour until you reach the planned result.
Full understanding at the level of theory and practice
Speech production, articulation, facial expressions, muscle strengthening, vocal support, extreme vocal and its types,
how to get Drive/ Growl/ Screaming/ Guttural mixes,
how to sing in the mix range.
With an analysis of the anatomy and all internal processes.
Personal account
With reminders about the next lesson and a lesson counter. There is a mobile version.
Access to student and graduate conferences
General process with teacher support, and
communication, mixing, and sharing interesting music and videos.
Nice bonus for gamers - PS4 and XBOX games
If you have a PS4 or XBOX, you can get discounted games (;
Possibility to buy equipment at a discount
You can buy a microphone, sound card and other music devices through our channels at a nice price.
Accompaniment of promo-companies of covers, releases and organization of concerts.
If necessary, we will select a PR company and help you enter the big stage. Our school cooperates with leading CIS agencies.




A free trial lesson does not require you to purchase a subscription. It will give you a complete picture about the school, the teacher, and the methodology. Sign up and you will understand everything yourself.
You will tell us about yourself:
- Your tastes, how would you like to sing, where you already sing or play
- What are the problems with vocals (pathology, visits to the phoniatr)
- Health status (whether you smoke or not, diseases (blood pressure, heart), sports (running, swimming, athletics))
You will get concise information on terms and anatomy. For example, what is fry, epiglottis, etc.
The teacher will show you his skills. The types of extreme and clean vocals.
School information
You will be told about all the benefits of training at Fryday school, as well as organizational aspects: registration for classes, payment, etc.
After the trauma of the vocal cords I was introduced to Kostya and he brought the vocals to another level and most importantly it's all safe. It's better to take a couple of lessons at once to understand how everything works in order not to make mistakes like I did.
I decided to try to learn online because self-learning led me to a dead end. While I found this school and got acquainted with Kostya, I tried all the possible options, and in other schools either you have to book a lesson in advance in a very long time, or you pay for the lesson, and then you do not get answered, or you are just read pages from Wikipedia.

After a long time injuring my vocal cords with incorrect technique, enrolled for classes with Kostya. I began to study extreme vocals from a completely different angle, and the most important thing is that it's safe. A new understanding of a technique has come to me.

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