Music Coaching

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Expand Your Musical Horizons with Music Coaching at FryDay School

Music coaching is your key to growth in the realm of music, be it rock, metal, or any other genre. Our seasoned coaches at FryDay School help you amplify your creative abilities, honing techniques and strategies that elevate your craftsmanship to a new level.

Our coaches also provide consultations on psychological, medical, and technical nuances to help you overcome any obstacles on your musical journey.

Join FryDay School and explore new possibilities in your music career. With us, you will find the inspiration, confidence, and strategies needed to attain musical success.

Svyatoslav Agafonov
Music coach
- Sound Producer / Sound Designer with 6 years of experience;
- 5 years teaching experience;
- Has medical, psychological and music education;
- Arrangements and voice acting by Svyatoslav used from commercial advertising to computer games;

- Helps students feel confident and always achieve their creative goals

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